NVMS Web Services [NVMS-PROD1]

Using Our Services...

Our new web service version has been upgraded to use SOAP standards along with WSDL service descriptions. We now offer many different ways to gather and submit your data. Our services offer a way to retrieve your data in DataSets or in regular XML strings. You may query orders from your system and then retrieve one service line at a time. We also offer Binary serialized data (for big DataSets) that greatly reduces large respones.

Your company must be setup and given access to use our services... If you are interested in utilizing our web services, please contact webservices@nvms.com, or call (703) 361-6262 and talk to someone in our Client Service Department.

Technical Help Documents

   Class Documentation | PDF Help Document

Testing Our Services...

We offer a testing bed for every service we provide so you can work with our web services before you go live. When you test our services you WILL need an NVMSKey. Please contact us to get a testing key. However, when you go live this key will stay the same, you will just have to point your request to our live service. This key resides in the SoapHeader of your request. Please take a look at the service description for an example SOAP request.

View our demo services.

If you'd like to test the requests without a key, you can use this service: View our quick test services.

Going Live...

Below is the link to the live services with descriptions for each. See the document below for help with submitting requests to our services. We are always trying to improve our systems, so if you have any comments or requests please contact us at the above email address. If you need support right away, please call (703) 361-6262 x104 for immediate assistance.

View our live/production services.

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